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Re: "no server" rule

 Jarod Wilson wrote: 
> But otherwise, FiOS kicks DSL's ass all over the place. 
> To boot, I've got 20Mbps down, 5Mbps up (and yes, I saturate both 
> regularly), 5 static IP and run whatever (legal) services I want w/o 
> violating my EULA, etc., etc., for only $99/mo. 

Have you actually studied your EULA and observed language that they 
pledge not to block ports or prohibit servers? When I looked into FiOS a 
while back, their sales people couldn't produce a copy of an EULA that 
demonstrated this. A verbal assurance from the sales person isn't good 
enough. (If you have an electronic copy of the EULA, it'd be great if 
you could post it to the BLU wiki.) 

I have a business-class DSL line through a local ISP who in turn uses 
Covad, and when I contacted them a few months back looking into getting 
proper PTR records set up (as there are still a few mail servers that 
use this poor method of spam detection) they said that Covad doesn't 
offer this, and furthermore pointed out that the terms of service didn't 
support running servers. I knew that not to be the case at the time when 
I had this service installed in 2003, so I pointed that out to them and 
asked them to verify if that was indeed the case now, and if so I'd take 
my account elsewhere. They never wrote back. 

The point is, ISPs are pulling the "no server" rule even on 
business-class service these days. Speakeasy or a commercial T1 are 
rapidly becoming the few remaining choices. 


Tom Metro 
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA 
"Enterprise solutions through open source." 
Professional Profile:

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