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Re: AsteriskNow vs TrixBox

 On Tue, May 20, 2008 at 12:49:29PM -0500, James Kramer wrote: 
> I am in the process of converting my company's phone system from PSTN to 
> VOIP.  I looked at Trixbox and AsteriskNow.  I tried both of the bootable 
> CDs and only AsteriskNow was able to connect to my works Windows DHCP 
> server. I spoke to a VOIP provider and they told me that trixbox is a much 
> better system and that I would have to do a lot of work to get AsteriskNow 
> to work properly.  I like AsteriskNow.  It seems more open source to me. 

I like Asterisk. Why don't you try that? Granted, you don't get 
whizbank GUIs to set it up, but you do end up understanding 
what's going on. 

You'll never be happy running an Asterisk box of any flavor 
without a static IP. 

> I work for a small company with 8 employees and a fax.  We have two phone 
> numbers (our main number and our fax number) that we want to transfer.  We 
> only need a basic phone system.  It would be nice to transfer and forward 
> calls.  We would get some type of inexpensive ( < $100 ) SIP phones. 

That's all plausible. You might want to keep your existing 
phones and buy a Linksys ATA8008 8-line SIP converter for $240. 

> What is your opinion.  Would if be much effort to set up AsteriskNow as 
> opposed to Trixbox to handle our simple needs.  What is a good VOIP 
> provider.  We would probably elect to change our expensive ($200/month) 
> internet provider which is the same as the provider for our telephone 
> system.  We still have a lease with our phone/internet provider.  What are 
> the best ways to negotiate a lease termination.  I spoke to one VOIP 
> provider and was told that they were able to transfer our phone and fax 
> number to their service. 
> I would appreciate any suggestions. 

I think you should use question marks when you ask a question. 

I don't think $200/month is much to pay for Internet service, 
but that depends on what you're getting. 

I think you should spend some time browing on the wiki at There's also the asterisk-users mailing list. 


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