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[OT] PC Bundling at Best Buy

On 12/08/2008 07:26 AM, jkinz-+hffLmS/kj4 at wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 07, 2008 at 02:07:31PM -0500, Jerry Feldman wrote:
>  =20
>> A friend of mine who owns a small diner in South Boston went to Best B=
>> to check on notebook prices, and they told him that he would have to b=
>> not only the notebook, but pay an additional $300 for the software.=20
>> Since he is not computer literate, I want to see what is happening wit=
>> bundling Windows with PCs these days. I'm seeing notebooks currently i=
>> the $300-$400 range with either Windows XP Home Edition or Windows Vis=
>> Home Edition, and a few with Linux. I'm wondering if the extra $300=20
>> might be for Windows Vista Ultimate and/or Microsoft Office.
>>    =20
> Hi Jerry,
> sounds like a total rip job, like the stuff the "finance guy" does
> to unknowing car buyers
> floor mats $400,
> special paint sealant $300
> special warranty $$$
> etc..
> There is no way its reasonable to double the price of the unit
> for any regular OS or software. IIRC that the typical cost of the
> OS bundled with an OEM unit is $15 (but that was 10 years ago)
> get the model number from your friend and we will investigate!
> Maybe he would be better off buying from a Mail order house.
>  =20
That is exactly what I told him. I also suggested a couple of low end=20
systems at Micro Center. My concern with him is if there is something=20
wrong, he can bring it in. Personally, I've done most of my computer=20
shopping online.

Jerry Feldman <gaf-mNDKBlG2WHs at>
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