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project management app

John Boland wrote:
> i'm looking for suggestions/ideas/pointers for what folks are using for
> project management.
> i need to track/update/report on about a dozen folks and their daily and
> long-term projects and assignments.  i was thinking about something
> wiki-based for portability.  some of the users are windows-philic.  the
> array of things on sourceforge is ... immense and not always suited to what
> i think i'm looking for.
> plus, if it looks pretty for pointy-haired management that's even better.

I use Trac ( for lots of projects.  It's an
integrated ticket-tracker, wiki, and code-repo browser.

I haven't toyed with some of the ticket-workflow functionality they introduced
in v0.11, but it looks pretty flexible.

It lets you create and store custom queries against the ticket database (eg
how many open tickets are assigned to Joe?), along with some standard ones
(how many open tickets are there tagged for MileStone-1?)

You can customize the theme pretty easily if you are handy with CSS.  There
are a few downloadable themes too.

If you want more "management" stuff (as opposed to developer-task management),
there are a few plugins you can get (I haven't tried these):'estimation''time'


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