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Editing Hard Linked Files in Emacs

jbk wrote:
> jbk wrote:
>> How do you maintain the hardlink when saving with emacs? 
>> Version control? VI won't do.
> Well I guess you all are stumped or to busy with the new toys.

Well, I didn't get much help either, but I'm assuming it's the holidays.

> My work around is to edit the original and save as another then:
> cat <saveAs> > <originalFile>
> this works for now.

I didn't answer because I don't understand the problem.  Are you talking
about files that are the same inodes, as created by "ln" without the the
"-s" option?  How could emacs (or any program) possibly change the
contents of one without changing the contents of the other, since they
point to the same spot on the disk?

Can you explain the problem in greater detail?

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