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KDE vs. GNOME session management

On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 09:00:33PM -0500, Tom Metro wrote:
> I'm setting up a new desktop and am at the point of deciding whether to 
> venture away from the familiar GNOME to KDE (4.x). Sure, it's easy 
> enough to just try KDE in theory, but in practice it'll take a bit of 
> time investment to customize it, so I'm doing some research. (I've 
> already toyed around with it for a while via a Kubuntu live CD.)
> One feature that might be compelling enough to warrant a switch is 
> session management. In GNOME, there are sessions, but the GNOME 
> affiliated applications don't seem to be so smart about saving their 
> internal state, particularly GNOME Terminal, which seems to remember 
> nothing other than the quantity of windows and a few aesthetic 
> attributes. GNOME sessions, in my experience, also were a bit flaky. 
> After the first reboot, you'd get most things restored, then the next 
> time you'd get only a few, etc.
> I've read that KDE is better in this area, and when I previously brought 
> up the topic of xterm sessions David Rosenstrauch recommended Konsole. I 
> toyed with Konsole, but didn't put it into daily use. It probably 
> warrants a second look.
> Anyone have comments on their experiences with KDE session management in 
> general?

Hi Tom, 
I have had those exact issue with gnome terminal(gt) and that is one of
the major reasons I use KDE.  The Konsole app is far better than gnome
terminal.  I have pointed out the problem with gt (multiple times) to
gnome folks years ago but nothing has been done.  When developing I
pretty much do everything in konsole so I don't have any other good
comparative experiences to add. I do use a few gnome apps from time to

Jeff Kinz

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