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AC Adapter tolerance

Chris Robichaud wrote:
> I have a Motorola WR850G wireless router that I cannot find the AC adapter
> for. The back lists the input power as 12 V DC, 0.5 A. I only have a basic
> understanding of volts and amps but is it true that using the wrong adapter
> may damage the router? If I give it more volts or amps than is recommended,
> am I risking a fire? How much of a tolerance do these things usually have?

The volts must be right, but 12VDC is very common, so that shouldn't be
a problem.  The amps rating of the adapter must be equal to or greater,
since that is how many amps the adapter is capable of supplying.

I guarantee if you bring it to a Radio Shack or You Do It Electronics
they will be able to give you an adapter that will work.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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