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Boot from USB flash drive on Shuttle KPC?

Robert La Ferla wrote:
> I have a Shuttle KPC that has Foresight Linux installed on it.  The  
> system doesn't boot anymore because one or more of the filesystems are  
> corrupt.  The KPC does not have a CD/DVD drive so I am looking to boot  
> from a USB drive to remove the faulty drive from fstab and attempt to  
> repair everything.  I downloaded and installed Fedora 10 via liveusb- 
> creator onto a 16GB PNY flash drive.  I cannot get my KPC to boot from  
> it.  It keeps going to the Foresight boot menu.  I either need to (1)  
> figure out how to configure the BIOS to boot from the drive --  
> assuming it's even possible or (2) figure out how to boot from the usb  
> from the Foresight boot loader menu.  Ideas???

As far as (1), obviously very bios-dependent, but sometimes I've had to set
the boot order to things that didn't look like usb drives.  Sometimes they'll
have options for generic USB, sometimes USB-HDD, or even USB-FDD.  I've even
seen some bios' that have an option to have an USB drive interpreted as a
floppy (although that may be only on older systems).

For (2), is the bootloader for Foresight grub?  If so, you might be able to do
something like the following from a grub prompt (hit 'c' to get a prompt):

 # this first step may or may not be necessary, depending on the current
 # contents of your /boot/grub/
 device (hd1) /dev/sdb  # supposing sdb would be your usb drive, which it
    # would be if you only have one real hard-drive
 root (hd1,0) # supposing the first partition of your usb drive is bootable
 chainloader +1

Oh, one more thing that bit me once: the first partition on your usb drive
need to be marked as bootable/active.


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