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KDE vs Gnome -- User interfaces

Jerry Feldman wrote:
 > I used to use KDE, but I think Trolltech is really going in the wring
> direction. Moving between releases of KDE was also a pain. I used to
> have my system set up as a dual boot with an old release of SuSe and a
> new release of SuSE. I used GNome when I converted my laptop to Ubuntu.
> I also was using GNOME on SuSE when I had KDE really screw up my desktop
> to the point where I could not even log on. I think GNOME caught up to
> and surpassed KDE. Part of this might be when Novell bought SuSE and
> SLES standardized with a GNOME interface. But, it's like religion. There
> are many KDE users out there who wouldn't touch a GNOME interface, and
> vise-versa. One thing I really like about GNOME is that it comes up much
> faster than KDE on the same platform.

I was one of those KDE users that wouldn't touch Gnome.  I found KDE 4
so vile and unstable, that I gave Gnome a second chance when I moved to

I tried Fedora and Kubuntu, and in both cases I found using two monitors
 unpredictable.  Twice KDE wouldn't start after a reboot, and I never
found out why.

Even if I got it to work, I found the simplification of the interface
downright offensive.  It was as if someone said "I see where they're
going with Windows Vista, but they still left too much functionality
exposed to the user.  We can do better."

There were some things I thought couldn't be done in Gnome that I now
know you can, and I've gotten use to the interface.  Dual monitors is
still somewhat unpredictable, but it usually works.

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