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2009/2/11 jbk <jbk-SkCWf5sxpj0sV2N9l4h3zg at>:
> Backuppc

Looks promising!

2009/2/11 Dan Ritter <dsr-mzpnVDyJpH4k7aNtvndDlA at>:
> How much do you think is a large amount? Tens of gigabytes? Tens
> of terabytes?

Tens of gigabytes.

> How many machines are being backed up?

Just one, I believe. It's a fileserver for a bunch of other machines.
And only one linux server.

> Do you want to restore the whole machine or just have the data
> available?

For the "large" amounts, just have the data available. For the linux
server, probably the whole machine.

> What is your maximum allowable period of unsaved data? (i.e.,
> how often do you need to copy new data over to the backup?)

Unknown at this time. Probably... monthly?

> What is your maximum allowable period between the primary
> machine failing and your new machine being available?

Unknown as well.

> And how much is this all worth to you?

As little as possible, given the circumstances.

Thanks! I'll try to get back with more information; it was only my
first day on the job and I'm not in charge.
Samuel 'Shardz' Baldwin -

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