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James Kramer wrote:
> The reason that I was thinking of using TrueCrypt is so that I can
> store files to a folder where they are automatically encrypted.
> Since, I plan on backing up my data to Amazon storage everyday, I
> want to make sure that the files are auto encrypted just in case I
> forgot to encrypt before the backup.

TrueCrypt sounds like a good tool (it's been covered on several 
"Security Now" podcasts, see, but not a good fit for a backup 
application. The encrypted view of the files will be as a block device 
or big file containing the file system. Any slight change within that 
file system results in a completely different looking blob of binary 
data. Not particularly efficient for backups.

> I guess that I could write a script that performs the encryption to
> the folder prior to backing it up to Amazon using Rsync

Take a look at the rsynccrypto project.

> How do people...keep a copy of their personal info such
> as bank stuff and passwords secure?

I use KeyPass (KeyPassX on Linux) - a multi-platform password safe.

Of course it just defers the problem, as you still need to remember a 
master pass phrase, and optionally have a keyfile for KeyPass.


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
"Enterprise solutions through open source."
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