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VirtualBox GUI

Eric Chadbourne wrote:
>> In particular I was looking for a way to set the video resolution of
>> the VM.
> When you say "video resolution" do you mean the instances screen
> resolution?  If yes, I was having a problem with Fedora only offering
> small range of resolutions.  So I just manually edited x's config file
> to offer me more options and restarted.  Worked fine.

Resolution may not be the correct term for what I'm thinking of. It may 
be more of a scaling factor. What I'm observing is that the window 
created for the VM guest occupies about 1/4 of the screen of the host. 
Resizing the window just expands the black background.

This is applicable to both the X session within the guest, as well as 
the console display shown before X starts within the guest, so I don't 
think it has much to do with the X settings within the guest.

Another Windows vs. Linux question on VirtualBox: the manual refers to 
the guest window having a menu where you can control guest settings for 
that instance, and a status bar that's supposed to show things like the 
host key, but none of this appears on the Linux version.

I was under the impression that VirtualBox was uniform across supported 
platforms, but it is seeming more like Linux is a lower priority target.


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
"Enterprise solutions through open source."
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