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Boston Linux and Unix InstallFest XXXII Saturday February 28, 2009

BTW: I just started on this list, and caught the tail end of a thread on 
RAID.  I'd just like to add my $0.02:

A year or two ago Google published results of a big study they did on 
disk reliability.  I don't remember much about it, except that they 
found that RAIDs are usually built using disks from the same 
manufacturing lot, and that failure modes are often quite similar for 
disks from a particular lot.  This results in a higher probability than 
expected that a disk failure will involve multiple drives.

I read this to mean that RAID 6 or RAID 1+0 (sometimes called 10), or 
possibly 5+0 should be used rather than RAID 5.

edemje-Wuw85uim5zDR7s880joybQ at wrote:
> i am using iSCSI with SATA drives, raid1 for OS and raid 5 for storage . 
> i just read about openfiler i am going to try it to night.
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> From: "Jerry Natowitz" <j.natowitz-KealBaEQdz4 at>
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> Sent: Monday, February 23, 2009 3:40:24 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
> Subject: Re: Boston Linux and Unix InstallFest XXXII Saturday February 
> 28, 2009
> I will not be at the InstallFest, but I may be able to help you.
> Sometimes SAN (Storage Area Network) and NAS (Network Attached Storage)
> are confused.  On a simple level, if you are using Fibre-channel or
> iSCSI, you are indeed building a SAN.  On the other hand, if you are
> using ethernet, but not iSCSI, you are building a NAS.
> Building a NAS should be fairly easy using any standard distribution.
> Building a SAN, on the other hand, is more involved.  A quick google of
> Linux SAN showed some articles that were really about NAS, and some that
> were about iSCSI.  My take is that using iSCSI over 1 or 10 gigabit
> ethernet, and using SATA or SAS disks (depending on budget) would be the
> way to go.
> Jerry Feldman wrote:
>  > On 02/23/2009 11:51 AM, Jean-Luc Momplaisir wrote:
>  >> I am kind of new to Linux, I am trying to build a SAN using OpenSuSe
>  >> 11.1 I need help to do it. Does anyone know on Saturday (Linux and Unix
>  >> InstallFest XXXII Saturday February 28, 2009) someone will be able to
>  >> help me?
>  >>
>  >>  
>  > I think it would be better if you were to post some details on what you
>  > want to do. SANs have been around a long time, but are dependent on what
>  > fibre-channel card you have.  Personally, I am not the right person, but
>  > I'm sure that John Abreau has experience as well as some other
>  > volunteers that we have. All of our volunteers have quite a bit of
>  > general Linux experience, but what it appears you need is the experience
>  > of a system admin who works specifically with SANs.  Both Red Hat and
>  > Fedora essentially use the same drivers and kernels, but different sys
>  > admin tools as well as the how you want to set the system up.
>  >
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