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Virtualizing a running system

On 02/25/2009 11:27 AM, Tom McLaughlin wrote:
> I'm not familiar enough with the tool available for the vdi format but
> vmware has a standalone p2v tool to create a vmdk file. [1]  It looks
> like it's now possible to directly import a vmdk file to virtualbox.
> [2]  There's also a 3 step process to p2v the machine to get a vmdk,
> convert it with the a qemu tool, and then create a vdi file from that.
>  And yes I love using virtual machines as quick deploy systems.  I'm
> still experimenting between PXE booting fully scripted installs and
> just creating a disk and copying as needed.
>  =20
Tha nks Tom, exactly what I was looking for. I was actually using VDI=20
more as a generic term including Virtual Box's VDI or VMWare VMDK.
> tom
> P.S. Is it possible to add an additional valid email address to the
> mailing list?  I'm subscribed under a different account but using
> gmail to reply.
>  =20
Yes. The way you do it is to subscribe to the list the normal way with=20
the secondary address, then just set that address to nomail.<name of your list>
At the botton of the screen type your email address into "Unsubscribe or =

Edit options".
You will be presented with a login screen. If you forgot your password,=20
press the "Reminder" button.
Then select "Disable Email delivery" and submit. You will now have an=20
address you can use to post to the list, but without receiving duplicate =


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