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linux desktop from scratch?

On 02/25/2009 02:48 PM, R. Luoma wrote:
> I need a new desktop workstation and I am trying
> to figure out how to get something that will be as
> compatible with one of the stock linux distros
> (preferably the new Debian) as possible.
> I am also trying to figure out where to purchase
> the system or parts.  If I get parts, I need some
> way of figure out that I get all the needed parts
> and that the parts work together.
> How have other readers of this list approached this problem?
>  =20
I bought a Penguin system with an AMD Opteron Quad Core CPU, Tyan=20
motherboard, scrapped the CentOS 5.2 and loaded Fedora 10.
My previous system I built took me so long to build it was obsolete.=20
Others have mentioned that MicroCenter carries parts, but there are some =

quality mail order houses.  I am happy with the system, but if I had the =

time I would probably run GenToo. I think the major hardware issues are=20
the wireless (if you want wireless), and the graphics.  While ATI is now =

owned by AMD, they still have not open sourced their drivers, and if I=20
had my druthers, I would go for either Intel or NVidia. Most of the=20
better mother boards are in use on Linux systems so you can google them.

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