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Having trouble connecting to encrypted wireless where SSID broadcastis OFF

Thanks Derek,
I was not aware that the SSID was exposed even if it is not broadcasted.

On 02/26/2009 09:21 AM, Derek Atkins wrote:
> The problem here is that the beacon provides not only the SSID but
> also the WPA Parameters.  If you turn off SSID Broadcast then you
> turn off the sending of the WPA Parameters.  This means that you,
> on the client, need to get those parameters exactly correct in order
> to connect to the AP.
> Note: turning off SSID broadcast does NOT prevent someone from finding
> your AP.  The SSID is still broadcast in the Assoaciation messages, so
> someone watching the traffic can still see your SSID.  Nor does turning=

> off SSID broadcast prevent someone from connecting to it, they can watc=
> you connect and then replay the data.  Really, all it does is just make=

> it less convenient for your real users.
> If you want to stop users from roaming to your network then put a
> password on it.  Turning off SSID on a WPA-protected network just hurts=

> your real users and provides minimal additional security..
>  =20

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