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audio editor

Have you given Jokosher a try?

On Fri, Jan 1, 2010 at 15:06, Tom Metro <tmetro-blu-5a1Jt6qxUNc at> wrote:

> Any recommendations for an audio editor (for Linux) that would be good
> for normalizing, (dynamic range) compressing, and noise reducing a voice
> recording? (I have a few voice recordings that were made on low quality
> hardware, and they have digitization noise artifacts that sound like
> static.)
> I tried Audacity, as that's what I hear mentioned most often, and I found:
> -It locked up X twice. (Once with 1.3.7, as packaged for Ubuntu 9.04,
> and again with 1.3.10, that I backported from 9.10.)
> -The normalizer doesn't normalize that much. It's supposed to eliminate
> DC offsets, if that option is checked, but it doesn't work unless only a
> small sample of audio is selected. (I'm guessing it averages the entire
> selection to find the center point, so if the DC offset wavers over the
> selected area, it does nothing.)
> -The compressor doesn't compress. The expectation is that dynamic range
> compression should take any audio below a threshold and amplify it,
> while leaving peaks above that threshold as-is. It worked some, but
> given the adjustments it provides, I should have been able to boost all
> but the highest peaks to be near full volume. All I seemed to be able to
> do was raise the noise floor. (An expected side effect, but the
> medium-volume audio should have gotten much louder too.)
> -The noise reduction filter had no effect. It has some UI problems too.
> You're supposed to select a portion of the audio that contains only the
> noise, enter the effect's dialog and click a button, which exits the
> dialog. Then select the range you want to process and re-enter the
> effect's dialog, and hit a different button. This is a pretty clumsy
> design, and the dialog provides no feedback as to whether it has a noise
> sample stored. In any case, multiple attempts produced no noticeable
> difference, regardless of the settings.
> I'm hoping there is something better available.
>  -Tom
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> Tom Metro
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