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how do you back up data on your home computer?

Grandfather-father-son backup schemes is an old rule of thumb many
people used to use, including myself. Been around as long as I have been
in the industry. As does David Hummel I use rsnapshot. The nice thing
about rsnapshot is that you can keep arechives for months, but it only
stores new data when it changes. So, if you have a file that is months
old, you will only have 1 copy on your backup set with 1 hard link for
each directory it is in (such as hourly.0, hourly.1,... daily.0,...).
In the old world of tape backups, we would use the rotation scheme.
Today, what I would do in a commercial installation would be to maintain
a convenient physical backup available online, and maybe one or 2
physical backups offsite or possibly use an online backup service.

On 01/07/2010 03:19 PM, eric chadbourne wrote:
> a while back i heard somebody say to keep 3 copies of everything.  so f=
or a
> while i would have a local copy of my stuff, another copy on an externa=
> hard drive and a third copy on dvd+r.  (i still have this set up for my=

> music and movies.)  anyway, i wanted to do something different for my
> documents.  it's not a lot of stuff, taxes, resumes, passwords, photos,=

> etc...  so i'm keeping a working copy on my laptop, a copy on a usb dri=
> and a copy in heaven (aka the cloud).  i just whipped up a little scrip=
t to
> do it, see below.  but i was wondering what some of you guys do?
>  =20

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