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how do you back up data on your home computer?

another note, my raid is zfs and I have a few encrypted iscsi volumes.  These mount to a vm also on the raid. I use this for banking, taxes and other financial stuff, and nothing else. But if I need it on the road I vpn in and feel pretty secure with this setup. 

I also use vms for anything on the web that isn't reasonably secure.

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Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 20:58:27 
To: eric chadbourne<eric.chadbourne-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w at>
Subject: Re: how do you back up data on your home computer?

Most of my important data is in dropbox which spreads it out across all my pcs and the cloud, personal photos are backed up on a private flikr account.  All data is backed up to a raid 6 array that is backed up to an external drive, the array is only about a terabyte so it makes this easy.  Ill occasionally swap the external with one I keep at the office. 

As for most media, cd & dvd rips and such, I just keep on a seperate raid 6.  The discs are the back up, or ill make a disk if its a download.  And if the house burns down I got bigger prolems than replacing a few hundred dvds...

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From: eric chadbourne
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Subject: how do you back up data on your home computer?
Sent: Jan 7, 2010 3:19 PM

hi all.

a while back i heard somebody say to keep 3 copies of everything.  so for a
while i would have a local copy of my stuff, another copy on an external
hard drive and a third copy on dvd+r.  (i still have this set up for my
music and movies.)  anyway, i wanted to do something different for my
documents.  it's not a lot of stuff, taxes, resumes, passwords, photos,
etc...  so i'm keeping a working copy on my laptop, a copy on a usb drive
and a copy in heaven (aka the cloud).  i just whipped up a little script to
do it, see below.  but i was wondering what some of you guys do?

eric c. - the one who's so happy to have wiped win7 and went back to linux
on my laptop.

#    usage: <path/to/directory> <password> <path/to/backup>
#    example: /home/eric/Documents somepass '/home/eric/Ubuntu
#    note:  i assume this is on a trusted home system as the pass is in bash

# tar it
tar cvf $(date +%Y%m%d)_backup.tar $1

# encrypt it
echo $2 | gpg --batch --no-tty --armor --passphrase-fd 0 --symmetric $(date
rm $(date +%Y%m%d)_backup.tar

# compress it
gzip $(date +%Y%m%d)_backup.tar.asc

# move it
mv $(date +%Y%m%d)_backup.tar.asc.gz "$3"

# only keep the last three backups
cd "$3"
array=($(ls -t *_backup.tar.asc.gz))
#echo ${array[*]}
unset array[0]
unset array[1]
unset array[2]
rm ${array[*]}
unset array

# the update to the cloud happens independently of this script
# see
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