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Stupid shell stuff: prepending a character on each line

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I'm trying to set up a proxy server at home, and make use of
externally-prepared lists of sites to restrict.  Each list comes one
site to a line, in the form "" (no quotes, of course).

The problem here is that for whatever reason squid doesn't like that
format.  However, if I use "" with the initial dot, all is
well with the world.  I've got things set up now so that each external
list is downloaded, placed in the proper directory, and unzipped;
apparently, I been to prepend the "." to each line.

I'm sure something like sed or awk could do something like this, but my
experience with them is limited to being able to spell them.  Does
anyone have any suggestions for how I might accomplish this?  I'd prefer
to keep the files in-place, but if I need to simply read the file line
by line, cat the dot to each line, and output elsewhere then so be it.

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