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DynDNS's MailHop Relay

David Hummel wrote:
> DynDNS's MailHop Relay looks like it fits the bill and is $50/year:
> In general I've been very happy with their services...

Ah, yes, I tended to think of that service as a way to work around port 
restrictions, but I see they're marketing it now as an anti-spam service.

Quoting from their page:

> * Backup queuing for unexpected downtime (store and forward)
> * Relay mail to any of the following ports: 24, 25, 587, 2525, 10025, 52525

The original core features of this service.

> * Sender whitelisting and blacklisting with pattern matching
> * DNSBL filtering and discarding
> * Spam scanning and auto-discarding with SpamAssassin (including
> user-configurable thresholds)

So are you happy with the level of control they provide over SpamAssassin?

Do they provide access to the discarded messages so you can check for 
false positives?

Is there a mechanism to provide feedback to the statistical scanner when 
it misclassifies spam or ham?

Can you obtain the logs for your domain so you can spot problems and 
generate statistics?

The page also says they "filter spam through heuristics," but they don't 
elaborate on that.

> * User lists block mail to non-existent addresses

This is an important feature that has traditionally been left out of 
outsourced mail exchangers. Vast quantities of mail these days is aimed 
at bad addresses, so simply filtering spam could still leave you private 
server overloaded sending bounce messages.

How is this list of valid users maintained?

> * Virus elimination with ClamAV

I've never found virus scanning of email particularly useful. Can this 
be disabled?


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Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
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