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DynDNS's MailHop Relay

Hello, Cole asked me to stop by and answer some questions about the MailHop Relay service from DynDNS that has been discussed here. I'll just cover what hasn't been answered from when I read through the archive. 

> Do they provide access to the discarded messages so you can check for 
> false positives?

We do not provide any access for the user to check to see what was rejected. If you think an email was lost and you know the time frame of when it was sent along with the to and from addresses you can write into support and we'll check for you. Obviously the more exact time frame you have the easiest it will be to determine if it was your message. 

> Is there a mechanism to provide feedback to the statistical scanner when 
> it misclassifies spam or ham?
> Can you obtain the logs for your domain so you can spot problems and 
> generate statistics?
> The page also says they "filter spam through heuristics," but they don't 
> elaborate on that.

As mentioned you do not have logs on what is rejected. The headers of any emails we filter will have their SpamAssassin score in the header but obviously if something is rejected you won't be able to get it. You can adjust the thresholds on when mail is marked as spam and when it is discarded. We have default settings but if you're concerned on how your mail will be marked then you can go ahead and mark the discard limit really high and go through the marked email to see how your mail is being marked. Also the "filter spam through heuristics," is referring to SpamAssassin. If you have any other question's or need me to elaborate on something just let me know. 
Liam Hynes

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