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logrotate tip of the day

Tom Metro wrote:
> David Kramer wrote:
>> When you add your own logrotate rules, say to rotate files in
>> /home/david/log, DO NOT specify the wildcard as /home/david/log/*
>> instead of /home/david/log/*.log, as every gzipped archived log will
>> then also be rotated, and so on, and so on, and so on.
> There are a number of ways you can shoot yourself in the foot with
> logrotate, and it usually won't warn you, or provide much diagnostics
> when something goes wring.

Yeah, there should definitely be a "Haven't I seen this file before?"
sanity check, like, if the file is already a .gz, it's probably not a
file you want to gzip again.

I'm still trying to recover.
- "rm *gz*" coughed after half an hour complaining the arg list was too
- "find . -name '*gz*' -delete" ran for 5 hours without ending
- I'm now trying "rm -rf log && mkdir log".  25 minutes and counting.

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