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OneCommunications colocates the BLU. Not sure of their rates, but I
would suggest you call Bryan Clator <bclaytor-VgaURJfPtmHl69Kr8akr55qQE7yCjDx5 at> or
Richard <RLavelle-VgaURJfPtmHl69Kr8akr55qQE7yCjDx5 at>. Even if their rates are high,
it would help the BLU.

On 01/16/2010 11:30 AM, markw-FJ05HQ0HCKaWd6l5hS35sQ at wrote:
> A few months back, we were talking about colocation services. Someone
> mentioned that they were setting up a rack or something, Tom Metro come=
> to mind, but I'm not sure. (hence the message)
> Anyway...
> I am currently at Cyber Access ( paying about $200 a
> month for 2 2U machines.
> Currently they are vintage dual Pentium III SMP boxes. I'm upgrading to=

> two quad core boxes.
> Rather than replace the ones in Cyber Access, I'd like to move to a new=

> facility with better connectivity (hopefully, for roughly the same pric=
> and have old and new site live and transition smoothly.
> I also want more than just 2 ip addresses, I'd like to have a minimum o=
f 5
> additional IPs.
> Anyone have any suggestions? I am willing to split the cost of a half r=
> somewhere if we can make it affordable.
>  =20

Jerry Feldman <gaf-mNDKBlG2WHs at>
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