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chrome, Google DNS

Stephen Adler wrote:
> Has anyone tried out chrome for linux?

I have it installed on an Ubuntu desktop. They conveniently provide a 
repository for the beta builds, and I see the updates getting installed 
quite often.

I've used it rarely. Mostly as a sanity check back-up when something 
doesn't work right in FF.

I spent some time using it on a Windows box back when it first came out. 
On that platform, it was a bit faster than FF, but the deal breakers 
were lack of session management, and it didn't interoperate with FF's 

> Does chrome keep track of all your searches and 
> send them to google...

Sounds redundant, if most of your searches already go through Google.

Speaking of Google spying, anyone tried out their DNS servers? (They 
claim that they purge the logs.)

Anyone ran across a DNS benchmarking tool for Linux? It would be useful 
to see whether the Google DNS servers really offer any advantage 
compared to your ISP's servers.


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
"Enterprise solutions through open source."
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