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Subversion configuration

On 01/19/2010 03:30 PM, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> I'm just setting up a subversion repository for the first time. I have
>, but one question remains.
> If I set up the repository as root, everything is owned by root
> initially. Or, is it useful to set up a svn user id similar to CVS.
> Actually, while there are 4 of us who will have access, only one person
> in reality will be checking files into and out of the repository except
> that I will be populating the repository initially.

It's easy to chmod/chown later if you change your mind.  Usefulness of an 'svn
user' depends on your access method and how security conscious you are.  If
you're using ssh+svn, and you're okay with root sshing around, that works.

Alternatively, if you're using http(s) as the access method (WebDAV), then
it's easiest to just have the repo owned by the apache user (or whatever user
apache runs as in your distro).


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