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Linux on netbooks

I've been casually toying with the idea of getting a netbook, but last
weekend I decided I probably will.  I was at a convention where I saw a
lot of them, and the screen and keyboards on the newer ones look pretty
usable.  I mostly want to use it for note taking at meetings and mail/web
when traveling. In the "That would be too cool for words" camp would be to
use it as a MythTV client, but I doubt that's possible.  I think a 10"
screen is about right.  And since it's mostly for note taking, the
keyboard can't bee TOO contorted from a ful sized keyboard.  I'm open to
advice on specific units and brands.

I have an important high-level decision to make; Do I get a Windows one
and make it dual-boot with Linux, or get one that already has Linux
installed?  My wife, bless her, said "You will never be happy with it
unless you install the Linux distro you want yourself".  She might be
right.  I've been looking at the Ubuntu netbook remix.  I'm not sure I
would like the UI, but it looks like one can change that later.  At the
very least their compatibility list will be useful.  Since many of these
units have 120 or 160GB hard drives, having two OSes shouldn't be a
problem, and makes it a little more useful.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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