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Linux Certifications

Hi Chris,

I'll bite.

> I'm thinking about going for a Linux certification.

Why would you want to work at a place that valued certifications?  That
would mean either the IT manager is someone who valued the certifications
or the HR group was able to impose their requirements on IT hiring

In the first case, you and all your co-workers would be selected for the
letters you have collected, and there's a 97% chance that it's going to be
a shitty place to work.  In the second case, it's quite possible that the
IT group has a good manager who selects good people within the constraints
imposed by HR, but any company that lets HR rule the roost is putting the
cart before the horse and is going to end up sucking eventually.

That's been my experience anyway.

If you are interested in the certification because you don't have any
resume experience for a linux admin job, I would suggest you hit the
pavement and beg, bribe or barge your way into a junior level sysadmin
position instead.  You'll be the guy getting the sandwiches, running cables
and racking servers, but if you're motivated and hard-working and willing
to spend your time and energy teaching yourself UNIX, then you have a
future in this field, and you'll get noticed and good things will happen.

I hear Rich Braun is hiring.  :-)


a good horse runs even at the shadow of a whip.               <buddha>

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