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Gmail no longer loads on Firefox

> From: discuss-bounces-mNDKBlG2WHs at [mailto:discuss-bounces-mNDKBlG2WHs at] On Behalf
> Of Jerry Feldman

I've certainly seen this type of behavior before.  I assume you've tried the
usual, close & reopen firefox, flush cache, reboot.

The problem is google.  They're simply unreliable.  Go try it from a
different computer and it will be fine, but not because you're on a
different computer.  Try a different browse and you're fine, but not because
of the browser.  Try using your own computer, using the same browser, to
login to somebody else's account, and it will work fine too...  Which is
evidence that the fault is not your computer, not your browser, and not your
account.  It's because just by chance, you were redirected to a different
server in google's backend.  

If you just wait a while and try again, it will probably clear itself up.
(In fact, is it cleared up again already?)  If not...  You can fiddle with
random things, like clearing your DNS cache, clearing all your session and
cookie information from the browser etc, just to try and get randomly
directed to yet another random server in google's backend.

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