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Cloning FS

On 01/01/2011 10:28 PM, jbk wrote:
> I've been given a thinkpad x40 laptop with the original OS=20
> and HD intact. I am in the process of converting it to a CF=20
> card drive and would like to clone the installed xp OS and=20
> the Fedora 14 OS I have also installed after shrinking and=20
> rearranging partitions. Everything is working fine at the=20
> moment given the slow 1.8 form factor drive.
> So my question has to do with the cloned partition size=20
> verses the target partition size. If the original partition=20
> is 13 GB including free space does the target also need to=20
> be 13GB or larger or can I install to a smaller target that=20
> is still 20% larger than the actual data/OS?
> Are the issues different for Fedora/linux in regards to size=20
> of target?
> I have finished running a test clone of the XP partition=20
> using the latest clonezilla live utility to an external USB=20
> drive. It created a series of image data files that total=20
> just under 7 GB.
Basically, you can clone a partition to one of equal or larger size.
But, after you clone, you can resize the filesystem. One of the issues I
see discussed often is the resizing of partitions or LVM logical drives.
In both cases you need 2 separate operations. Some tools do both.  In
Linux, you can use things like resize2fs to resize a Linux ext2/3

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