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TRON: Legacy

On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 11:08:58AM -0500, Richard Pieri wrote:
> For those who've seen the film already you know the scene I'm about to describe: S. Flynn finds the back room where K. Flynn had his port of the old ENCOM mainframe, complete with digitizing laser system.  The big computer is clearly some kind of Intel-based system -- I caught the "i386" on the shell window.  Given the time frame it was set up (late 1980s) that would make it a genuine 80306.  I caught a bit of the vmstat output on the left, enough to recognize it as vmstat but not enough to identify the flavor.  Did any of you see enough to identify the actual OS?  I suspect that it is either Sun i386, a Sequent Symmetry, or possibly a Unisys of some sort.
> If it's a Linux kernel then I'll just chalk it up to yet another time warp artifact. :)

A friend said:

CZ> Looks like it's running Sunos 4.0.1, Sun4m, I386. That's weird.  However
>4.0.1 and the 24mb of memory I can see match up with a 386i with three
>memory boards. That could work if he had a CG5 framebuffer.
>The Sun4m line though didn't run 4.0.1, I think one needed 4.0.3. And the
>size of the boxes reminds me of the size of the Sparcserver 670MP. Which
>would be enough to run a fun world.


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