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Forms-design application builder tool?

I've built a hopefully-clever database schema for a sys-admin tool, and have
grown a bit tired of manually invoking insert/update commands in raw SQL. 
Keeping track of the foreign-key indices, etc, manually is an error-prone

So I want a reasonably straighforward way of generating a form based on my
schema, and can't seem to find anything useful.  There are a couple of not-bad
ones that can read a single multi-column table and crank out an html form, but
nothing that can go through 15 or 20 existing tables in a MySQL database and
provide reasonably-simple layout tools to put the fields where I want them on
2 or 3 screens.

One of the most sophisticated ones out there, believe it or not, is the Base
tool in OpenOffice--but it's modeled after a 1993-vintage version of MS Access
(no thanks!).  Well, there /are/ more-sophisticated tools, but they tend to be
proprietary and have a learning curve significantly longer than the amount of
time I'm trying to save on manually generating some PHP forms.

If you were building a database-driven website design today (one that looks
like, say,, with the goal of providing browsable/updateable views of,
say, DNS records), what framework would you start with?

Secondarily, I want this thing to be scriptable, ideally with the same set of
internal commands as the UI (to perform such operations as "insert new host
into domain").  I suspect that's too much to hope for in a single
off-the-shelf tool.

BLU isn't quite the right place to ask this, where else should I turn?


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