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sendmail makes my head spin :-)

It sounds more like a DNS issue than anything.  Here are some ideas that 
I am just spit balling.

1.  The Engineering side has a DNS server that also does caching.  It 
has entries dor the servers that it needs to know about and then will do 
a lookup to the IT DNS servers that it does not know about.

2.  Down and dirty.  Maybe editing the /etc/hosts file would work.  Just 
make a list of the host names and the IP addresses (provided that they 
are static) and then it does not matter what the IT department has for a 
DNS entry.

I am sure there are lots of other ways to go about this, but this is 
what I would do.


On 01/25/2011 09:05 AM, j.natowitz-KealBaEQdz4 at wrote:
> I don't think this is a difficult task, but I get a bit crazy when I have to deal with sendmail.
> I'm working at a company with a very long history of two cultures.  The corporate IT department is Microsoft-based and uses DNS.  The engineering side is Linux and Solaris based, and uses NIS.  Until recently, the powers that were allowed the Linux side direct access to the ISP.  Then they decided to end that, and all internet access has to go through the IT department.
> For normal email, this is not a problem.  But we have many systems on which daemons, many owned by root, want to send email.  In the cases where the email is send to user-+LBmYUDmh58 at, this is not a problem, I set DS to and everyone is happy.
> But for particular situations, mail needs to be sent to a particular user on a particular Unix system.  None of these systems are in the corporate DNS, and that will not change.  They all are in the NIS hosts DB.  Is there a way, using either sendmail or postfix, to say that email of the form user at system should NOT be sent to, but directly to "system"?  I'd prefer to continue using sendmail, unless there is a compelling reason to go to postfix.
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