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force connect to hidden wireless network

On my Ubuntu desktop I have it configured to automatically connect to my
wireless network, and I have the "Available to all users" option checked
in Network Manager so the connection gets established before I login to

However, it seems to go through periods where it will fail to connect
prior to X login, and even then it doesn't list my WLAN as an available
network. I'm assuming this is because it is a "hidden" network and it
takes it a while to catch a packet with the SSID.

At the last BLU meeting I believe I heard Jerry say something about
using iwconfig to set the ESSID. Is that correct, and if so what are the

Also, in my version of Network Manager, if I use the "Connect to hidden
wireless network" option, and then select my WLAN profile in the dialog,
it has all the input fields disabled, including the Connect button, so I
can't force a connection, short of creating a new profile. I'm guessing
this is a bug.


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
"Enterprise solutions through open source."
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