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10 gigabit ethernet

On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 01:53:25PM -0500, Tom Metro wrote:
> > The above is still dependent on a way to round-robin packets across
> > multiple physical ports.
> What if you bond interfaces on both ends of the link, so you end up with
> a 10 Gbps virtual interface composed of 10 1 Gbps links that use normal
> IP/ARP to establish the individual links? Your round-robin logic would
> need to be embedded in the client-side bonding driver.
> Not a good general solution, but might work when you need to link a
> specific client machine to a specific server.

I'll just point out that the maximum density I see for PCI-X and
PCIe gigabit NICs is 4 ports apiece, at a cost of about $400 per
card. If you're going to be spending a thousand dollars per box
anyway, buy a 10GE card for each side and eliminate the hassle.


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