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No subject

line for the system you want.

Once in single user mode, you can attempt to start various services like 
the wine service to see if they fail to start, or disable them from 
starting automatically by using chkconfig.
> Tried "Linux Rescue with CD disk #1 ...
> Can get access to rescue shell and ran "fsck -p /dev/hda2" also
> ran "fsck -p /dev/hda3" 
> which returns without any msg or error (?)

fsck won't do anything unless the partition is past it's maximum number of 
mounts, the partition has known errors (including that it wasn't shut down 
properly), or you force it.

"fsck -f /dev/hda2" should do what you want.  Make sure it's off of the 
rescue cd and not single user mode though.  Running fsck on a partition 
mounted read/write is generally a very bad idea.

> Note partitions <IIRCC>:  /dev/hda1 = Windoze, /dev/hda2 = Linux -2 gig,
> /dev/hda3 = Swap, end of disk, 7 meg undefined ?

You can't fsck a swap partition, so don't bother with /dev/hda3.  You can 
rerun mkswap if you want though.

> Ran "badblocks /dev/hda2" at shell but returned after 5 minutes
> without indication or error (?)

That should mean that there are no known bad blocks.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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