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[Discuss] Lost Nexus One?

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott Ehrlich <srehrlich at> writes:

    Scott> On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 10:40 AM, Kent Borg <kentborg at> wrote:

    >> A friend found a Nexus One this morning on Faneuil Street in
    >> Boston.  ?Unfortunately, it had been driven over. ?SIM serial
    >> number is unreadable, so can't be reported through
    >> T-Mobile. ?Still rings, but does little else.

    Scott> Another option could be to simply bring it to a T-Mobile
    Scott> store and see if they can [also] work to get it back to the
    Scott> original owner?

When I lost my T-Mobile phone, I reported it to the Cambridge police,
and they said they'd let me know if someone brought it in.  (Whoever
found it used it, and probably didn't take it to the Cambridge police.)

Laura   (mailto:lconrad at, twitter: @serpentplayer)
(617) 661-8097	233 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139

We had a young pitcher on that club named Jimmy St. Vrain.  He was a
left-handed pitcher and a right-handed batter.  But an absolutely
terrible hitter -- never even got a loud foul off anybody.

...he came back after striking out the second time, Frank Sele, our
manager, said, "Jimmy, you're a left-handed pitcher, why don't you
turn around and bat from the left side, too?"

Actually, Frank was half kidding, but Jimmy took him seriously.  So
the next time he went up he batted left-handed.  Turned around and
stood on the opposite side of  the plate from where he was used to,
you know.  And darned if he didn't actually hit the ball.  He tapped a
slow roller down to Honus Wagner at shortstop and took  off as fast as
he could go...but instead of running to first base, he headed for

Oh, my God! What bedlam! Everybody yelling and screaming at poor Jimmy
as he raced to third base, head down, spikes flying, determined to get
there ahead of the throw.  Later on, Honus told us that as a matter of
fact he almost *did* throw the ball to third.

"I'm standing there with the ball in my hand," Honus said, "looking at
this guy running from home to third, and for an instant there I swear
I didn't know *where* to throw the damn ball.  And when I finally did
throw to first, I wasn't at all sure it was the right thing to do!"

Davy Jones, quoted in "The Glory of their Times" by Lawrence S. Ritter

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