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[Discuss] Large DVI monitor

> From: at [mailto:discuss-
> at] On Behalf Of Shirley M?rquez
> D?lcey
> DisplayPort never really caught on with
> anybody other than Apple, and it strikes me as a standard that has no
> good reason for existence; what technical advantage does it have over
> the more widely adopted HDMI? (I'm prepared to be enlightened if it
> actually has one.)

What, you mean like firewire vs usb?  Like thunderbolt vs usb3 or 10Ge or
6Gb eSATA or any other low-cost high speed bus?  I love the marketing sham
of the thunderbolt cable with chips inside of it.  Because supposedly that's
necessary in order to get 10Gbit across the link...  ;-)  Like a Cat 6
cable, or an eSATA cable for $6.   ;-)

Yes, there is a reason for the existence of these things.  Apple makes more
money if consumers believe there is a reason to buy them...  So it doesn't
matter if there is any actual benefit...  It's marketing.  Just like so many
of their other products.

FWIW, I just looked it up, and HDMI can transport 10Gbit just like
thunderbolt.  There's some sort of 8/10 encoding overhead, I suppose that
must be error detection, so the actual payload is 8Gbit.  This includes (I
forget now) ~34 Mbit for audio or something like that.  And supports
resolutions up to 4k x 2k

Oh, here's the perfect example.  This is a 10ft cable that supports 4k x 2k,
and 10Gbit.  Goes for $4.97.  You can clearly see that Apple would not make
any money selling something that competes with this.

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