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[Discuss] 30% Apple

On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 10:06 AM, Matthew Gillen <me at> wrote:

> Another complicating factor is that there are several artificial market
> distortions that may drive this one way or the other regardless of the
> technical merits.  For instance, the rule Apple is trying to enforce
> about taxing in-app purchases could significantly push certain
> content-makers to prefer the HTML5+browser approach.

What worries me is that device makers see hardware as the path to
controlling the internet, and to the extent that consumers will use apps to
avoid the internet lessens the "value" of the internet. Consumers won't
notice that the internet is segregated, tiered and otherwise metered to
prevent the ubiquity, freedom and power that we as a society could otherwise
achieve based on the technical merits and/or standards.

Greg Rundlett
my public PGP key<>

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