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[Discuss] 30% Apple

On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 10:06:49AM -0400, Matthew Gillen wrote:
> It is true for many apps that are merely better interfaces to a website
> than the website normally has.  However, there are some things that would
> be a PITA to do in HTML5 that would work across browsers (and by that I
> mean the ipad's built-in browser vs. android's built-in browser vs the
> various third-party browsers).  For instance, NPR's news app has a nice
> interface for scrolling between stories (swiping from side to side).

That's straightforward actually:

You can do it without HTML 5, but the HTML 5 demos looked nicer.

> Not to mention every app developer's predilection for wanting to know
> your location so they can deliver locale-specific data...

That's easy too:

The harder stuff is, e.g. recording audio from the mic. That's in the HTML
5 spec, but the support for it is still pretty raw:

Or camera support for the browser, which is even more raw:

They're working on all this stuff though:


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