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[Discuss] Wireless router question

On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 09:40:15AM -0400, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> I will be running 2 wireless routers in my office configured as
> switches. All security will be identical. The question is SSID. Should I
> configure the second wireless as the same SSID as the first, or not.
> For example, the SSID of the first is FuBar, and the second is either
> FuBar or FuBar1. It does not matter which wireless one of our employees
> connects to.
> The advantage of using the same SSID is that possibly some wireless
> settings on phones and PCs will connect automatically where if it is a
> different SSID it may require the encryption key to be entered, which is
> a pain with Smartphones.

Some wireless points support roaming, some don't. Sometimes it
comes down to specific firmware revisions.

If they do support roaming, you need all of them to be using the
same SSID (and all encryption keys, etc.) though not necessarily
the same channel.

It is certainly more convenient if people move between zones
frequently; it is not much more convenient if your smartphones
and so forth remember encryption keys per network.


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