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[Discuss] mythbuntu usb capture devices

On Sun, Aug 21, 2011 at 03:48:44AM -0400, Steven Morth wrote:
> I plan to build a mythbuntu box out of the efiga ARM boxbI purchased
> this year . What I would like to do is successfuly capture 5 minutes
> of video from a portable DVD player
> Any recommendations for Hauppage sticks or any other USB devices
> that might be on sale at J&R music world or overnighted in time by 
> saturday would be appreciated. I am bring a borrowed Dazzler and SIIG
> capture device from Micro center <$50
> My first step is to backup the movies stored on the RCN Motorola DCH3416
> DVR set top box with an ESATA and  USB plugs but no further
> documentation
> I'll bring the manual such as it is but not the set top box
> Any advice about USB capture devices/dongles or a more elegant interface
> to this box
> probably not
> I have an analogue DVD writer appliance and will do it the lo-tech
> caveman approach of recording the stream to the TV and will eventually
> control it via IR
> Please excuse my 4:00 am editing 

First off, you should look at the MythTV Users' discussion list. 

Second, you should be looking at the MythTV wiki:

Third, a low-power CPU is going to need hardware assistance for
both encoding and decoding. For encoding, a Hauppauge HD-PVR1212
is going to be your only USB choice if you want to get HD
resolutions; for SD resolution, there are several other choices.

For decoding, you will very likely want a VDPAU-capable NVidia
card. You may manage SD output on whatever your ARM box has, or
you might not. Are there specs anywhere?

Fourthly, I suspect that Mythbuntu is not normally built for the
ARM architecture (all I see on their download site is x86 in 32
and 64 bit flavors) and you may have difficulty installing it
directly. You'll want to read through
at least.

Overall, this is quite ambitious for a first foray into MythTV.


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