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[Discuss] Competition of broadband

And at the basis of the cable laws are telecom laws that are even more
antiquated, and companies like AT&T/Verizon/Sprint are working ever so
hard to keep it that way.

I still can't get high speed connectivity, and yes, we (and everyone
else) pays their $1/connection/month so I can have it.  And after so
many years and millions of $$/month the companies still don't want to
do it.

They still have the old school think of charge more, provide less,
means more profits.  In a broad based commodity market it seems that
provide more, charge less than competition, gains volume which gains
even more profit (as long as expenditures don't go over income, within
reason - providing service at a loss is a predatory technique of
monopolies, then they raise the price even further ... hmm, sounds
like cable and telco consolidation to me... hmmm.)

Time to go back to sleep for another 100 years to see if anything new
develops. ... ZZZzzzzz

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