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[Discuss] MythTV: from bad to worse. Start over?

I've almost gotten to the point of ripping out MythTV.  The project is falling
over under its own weight (millions of lines of code abruptly added the past
couple of years), the last major version is riddled with bugs, and developers
seem unconcerned about the user community's desire for releases/bug fixes more
often than once every couple of years.

What's got me ticked off tonight is a bug summed up at this URL:

If you're on a frontend box which fails to properly mount the backend's video
volumes, you get no warning upon "scan for changes".  The net effect is to
truncate all video data, forcing you to revert to a MySQL database backup
(presuming you have one).  Fortunately my backups are frequent, but the
developer's response in closing this bug report as "not a bug" belongs back in
the 1980s.

What direction should I take now that I've really finally had *enough* of
MythTV?  I want to reformat the hard drives of all my frontends and start over
fresh.  The goal is to be able to scroll through a couple thousand DVD ISO
images, with meta data/cover art, and from the same user interface have a
reasonably easy to use PVR system that records/plays back Boston's
over-the-air channels.  Doesn't need to do a whole lot more than that.


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