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[Discuss] MythTV: from bad to worse. Start over?

We have a DLNA server at home that talks to our BluRay player.

Sadly the first DLNA server we tried was not seen by the BluRay player.
The second one is seen but won't see new content unless we rebuild the
Db from scratch.  Our setup is a little strange in that the DLNA server is
running on a NetBSD box running or freeNAS server.  Part of the reason why
new content is not seen is that NetBSD and Linux have different approaches
to noticing a filesystem has changed.

Chuck made it all work, perhaps he will chime in.


On 12/5/11 9:06 PM, "Rich Braun" <richb at> wrote:

>Thanks for all the comments!  One direction I've thought of going is DLNA
>front-end hardware to replace my somewhat-old Acer Revo front-ends.  Now
>those can be had in the <$100 price range (and the functionality is
>increasingly getting built into TVs and BluRay players), it's only a
>matter of
>time before one of those products becomes more compelling than the d.i.y.
>Linux solutions.
>It looks to me like Freevo is suffering a fate similar to MythTV.  These
>software packages don't age well as hardware platforms (and the required
>device drivers) surge ahead year by year.
>So I guess what I'm thinking of is a DLNA hardware solution for playback
>networked DVD images, and some independent solution for PVR.
>products like TiVo are too limited:  ever since the days of VHS, I've been
>collecting broadcast videos (mainly news coverage of historic events,
>sometimes other things).  MythTV doesn't directly support PVR archival
>its UI, but at least it's easy enough to 'mv' the files from its temp
>into a separate archival volume where it can be played through any other
>Wikipedia's list of PVR software for Linux also includes DVB Vulture,
>Tvheadend: really slim pickings.  UPnP/DLNA server software that I've
>identified are MediaTomb, Rygel, Twonky; VLC is the most advanced client;
>alas, none of those has any support for TV tuners and/or schedules.  The
>comprehensive list of PVR software seems to be located at this URL:
>It's hard to make sense of all this:  maybe if someone put up $50 million
>funding an open-source startup, we could put meaningful muscle into
>the problem.  But alas there's no business model for repaying the
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