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[Discuss] Backing up LVM partitions using snapshots

On 12/14/2011 08:14 AM, markw at wrote:
>> The bottom line is that there is no backup medium that is safe.. All
>> media degrade over time. A local RAID is good, but one lightning strike
>> of other glitch can render the drives dead. A cloud is probably the best
>> solution since it is actively managed, but you have to trust the cloud
>> provider, (1) to maintain the integrity of your data, and (2) the
>> security of your data.
> The "two backups" rule address issue #1, yea, I know, even double
> redundancy will fail eventually. Life is risk.
> As for item #2, I actually take care of that. By compressing and
> encrypting PRIOR to uploading to the cloud, there's no way any interested
> party can see your data without your password in a reasonable amount of
> time given the current level of computing power.
You are quite right. Chevron had a pretty decent disaster recovery
system, but during Katrina they lost their primary and secondary data

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