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[Discuss] Justify your existence


On 12/16/2011 11:13 AM, Matthew Gillen wrote:
> Someone whose primary goal is blame avoidance is someone I would run
> away from as fast as I could. They aren't going to go anywhere, and if
> they somehow do manage to climb the corporate ladder in spite of their
> pile of failures, it won't be in a way that will be in any way
> beneficial to you (i.e., you're likely the one he threw under the bus to
> get himself a promotion).

sadly though, i think this is the exact formula used by many to find 
'success' in the corporate world. and you are right, that if it comes 
down to them or you getting thrown under the bus, you can guess how it 
will come out. [regardless of what actually happened or who made what 

while i am sometimes delighted by someone taking unexpected altruistic 
action [even just 'telling the truth'], i am rarely disappointed when i 
expect people to act in the most selfishly destructive manner possible. 
especially among the 'powerful' in industry or politics.

-- "yeah yeah yeah" -beatles

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