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[Discuss] Upgraded fedora 15 to 16 unable to boot

I have run into some very strange problems with BIOS disk enumeration. 
Is it possible that the USB drive is being enumerated before the disk 
drive?  You might want to try this:

1) Leave the USB drive in.
2) Choose "boot select", or what ever the BIOS calls it (generally F12 
or F9) and specify booting from the hard drive.

Alternatively, you can boot the DVD, inspect the file in 
/boot/grub (really /mnt/sysimage/boot/grub ) and see if it is wrong.

You can then reinstall grub using a corrected file.  grub2 I 
don't know enough about.

I personally found F16 not to be particularly stable, and ended up 
reinstalling F14 on the system I upgraded to F16.  But then again, I 
have not put the effort into learning GNOME 3.0 yet, so any excuse to go 
back to GNOME 2 works for me :-)

	Jerry Natowitz
===>    j.natowitz (at)

On 12/31/11 16:27, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> When I boot directly or from rescue I get error no such device:<disk ID #>
> grub rescue>
> This is a documented issue with F16, but I have yet to figure out how to
> get around it.
> I can boot the rescue DVD look at the root file system as well as the /boot.
> All are RAID1. The /boot has both the old grub and new grub2 directories.
> I don't have a Live F16 CD only USB but my desktop does not boot from USB
> I've gone through the install a few tines. F16 is detected and it goes to
> the bootloader section. I'll try a couple of things. I don't want to do a
> clean install but I do have a full backup
> Sent from my Motorola Atrix Android
> Jerry Feldman<gaf.linux at>
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