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strange partitioning setups (a 1.5GB Boot Partition followed by a system
partition).  I've not found a way to reliably resize these partitions
without repartitioning and reinstalling Windows.

As for OS X encryption, it sucks.  FileVault doesn't work reliably with
Time Machine.  My experience prevented me from restoring a TimeMachine
backup from an encrypted machine to my laptop when my hard disk crashed.  I
don't trust it.


On Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 7:55 PM, Tom Metro <tmetro-blu at> wrote:

> The EFF recently tweeted
> (!/EFF/status/153306301965938688):
>  @EFF
>  Call to action for 2012: full disk encryption on every machine you
>  own! Who's with us?
> Which links to this article:
>  Many of us now have private information on our computers: personal
>  records, business data, e-mails, web history, or information we have
>  about our friends, family, or colleagues.  Encryption is a great way
>  to ensure that your data will remain safe when you travel or if your
>  laptop is lost or stolen.
>  [...]
>  Choosing a Disk Encryption Tool
>  [...]
>  -Microsoft BitLocker in its most secure mode is the gold standard
>   because it protects against more attack modes than other software.
>   Unfortunately, Microsoft has only made it available with certain
>   versions of Microsoft Windows.
>  -TrueCrypt has the most cross-platform compatibility.
>  -Mac OS X and most Linux distributions have their own full-disk
>   encryption software built in.
> What makes Microsoft BitLocker better than TrueCrypt?
> Are you using full disk encryption? If so, what tool are you using?
>  -Tom
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