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[Discuss] test for *other* write permissions

> If using "stat" you can also get the perms in 755 format.  From here, I can
> easily do a bitwise & with 2, and I can easily find the world write bit.  But bash
> arithmetic doesn't view the number "755" in octal...  It operates decimal.  So I
> can't bitwise & with 16, or with 020.  I have to strip off the last character, and
> then bitwise 75 with & 2.  So once again, given my previous comments about
> leading and trailing spaces and stuff, plus, not knowing how to get the nth
> character of a string, I'm not really sure there's a good solution here.

My next best idea is to take the number 755, divide by 10 to get 75, and then & 2

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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